Our Company

ALLINS provides manufacturing and business services since 1992. We offer integrated product development, manufacturing and supply chain services to our customers, in superior quality, with competitive price and on time delivery. The company connects EAST and WEST, joint-ventured companies and factories in Asia and America. Our customers are in medical, automotive, electronics, agricultural, construction, aerospace and consumer products industries.

Our Mission

We commit to healthy (environment friendly) living quality,
promote mutual benefit business relationship and are responsible to community needs.


Molding Machine

Turnkey Tooling

Carbon Fiber

Precision Machining&Assembly

Products and Services

Polymers (service since 1992) –

We distribute SEBS, SEEPS, SEP and Synthetic Rubbers, serving compounders and engineering/commodity resins suppliers.

Turnkey Tooling (service since 1998) –

We offer turnkey tooling services, making molds/dies for custom injection molders, tier-1 suppliers and original equipment manufacturers.
1. Injection Molds for Thermoplastics, Metal Injection (MIM) and
Liquid Silicone Rubber (LSR)
2. Blow Molds
3. Injection Casting Dies/Molds
4. Progressive Stamping Dies for Metal Stamping
5. Transfer Compression Molds for Silicone/Rubber
6. Lost Wax Casting Molds
7. Molds for Carbon Fiber/Glass Fiber Composite Materials.
8. Rotational Molds by Steel, Stainless Steel, Casting Aluminum and CNC Aluminum, for HDPE, PP, PC, PVC, HDPE and LLDPE Products.

Precision Machining & Assembly
(service since 2003) –

We partner with specialized machine shops, providing :
1. Precision metal machining for medical equipment and consumer products.
2. Metal Machining (including 5-Axis CNC Machining) for Custom and Proprietary Equipment and Products
3. Filament Winding for Composite Drive Shafts, Pressure Vessels, Tubes, and More.

Carbon Fibers (service since 2014) –

We provide carbon fibers with high tensile strength and
high tensile modulus. The carbon fibers come with various tows, from 3K to 48K.
These carbon fibers are available in any quantity.

Molding Machinery and Accessories
(Service since 2015) -

1. We partner with injection molding machine manufacturer to provide tonnage up to 2000T press.
2. We partner with rotational molding equipment manufacturer to provide carousel, shuttle and rock-and-roll rotational molding machines.
3. We provide molding accessories, such as Foaming Machine, Pulverizer, Thermostatic Chamber, Robotic Arms, etc.

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Phone: +1-310-375-7795
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